Why Choose Long Beach Reverse Mortgage?

Best In Class

Long Beach Reverse Mortgage is the best-in-class home equity conversion mortgage lender. We help you get all the reverse mortgage pros and cons to get you the most out of your loan.

Transform Equity To Cash

You’ve worked hard your entire life, saved for retirement, paid your mortgage month after month and built home equity. Long Beach Reverse Mortgage lets you use your home investment as tax-free* money to improve your retirement’s quality of life.

Your Retirement—Your Way

Use your reverse mortgage loan proceeds to improve your retirement and enjoy it the way you want to. Pay off outstanding debt, manage expenses without worrying, supplement your retirement income and save funds for later. *Homeowner is responsible for property taxes, homeowners insurance, and maintenance of your property.


What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a loan that converts your home’s equity into cash for borrowers who are 62 years or older. The first thing we always ask a customer is it possible to sell the house and downsize? Secondly, can your family come to give you monthly money to supplement your income? At Long Beach Reverse Mortgage we want to make sure that a reverse mortgage is a right solution for you.

With a reverse mortgage, you can:

  • Upgrade Your Lifestyle
  • Pay Off Bills
  • Secure & Access Funds Later
  • Help With Your Expense
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